RQaaS - Cybersecurity Risk Underwriting Model

Hacknoid’s risk underwriting system consists of a series of checks and verifications, which provide insurers with a new way to outsource the underwriting process, delivering a unique and customized report for each institution or potential client that the insurer requires to pre-qualify.
The series of evaluations, declarative, functional, and technical, will allow the generation of a report that will qualify with a risk vision of the client’s situation and eventually follow up on it, depending on the associated premium.

Cybersecurity standards

This model, while aligned with the most recognized cybersecurity standards in the market, such as NIST, OWASP, and ISO 27000, will provide efficiency in the process, both for the insurer and for the potential client, lowering resistance barriers to a minimum, due to the automation of the stages provided by a team of highly specialized and experienced professionals in cybersecurity and risks.

Benefits to the insurance company

Comprehensive visibility of what is happening in security issues

On-demand professional risk underwriting

Risk assessment dashboard by policyholder

Monitoring of policyholder acquisition

Efficiency and time reduction in processes

Underwriting Proposals

SME Model
CORP model