Vision and Mission

To provide reliable support to organizations that care about cybersecurity and to help reduce their risks.

Hyper-connected and hyper-distributed organizations make it almost impossible to have at least a glimpse of the state of cybersecurity across the board.

It is imminent that today or tomorrow, you will be the target of some attack, whether by intent or randomness and therefore, giving the CISO a comprehensive, executive-level look is our ultimate goal.

Simplicity means working in a practical and prioritized way, removing the noise that most cybersecurity managers face today so that they can translate this issue to business terms and sustain its continuity.

Day by day, we look for ways to automate the work of cybersecurity to include more functionality in our platform and simplify the lives of our customers.


Who we are

We are where we want to be a team passionate about the subject and actively innovating to reach the best solution for our region.

We have more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, and we have consolidated a team focused on listening and reducing the discoveries towards the platform that, with so much dedication, we build day by day.

We were born in the world of information security, we specialize in Ethical hacking, and today we focus all our research on automating everything possible within Hacknoid, validated by customers in all industry verticals in LATAM. The focus on being proactive and proactive to possible attacks is the best way to prevent them and work in a controlled and managed way.